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Crime and trauma scene cleaning services:

We recognize that too many crimes are perpetuated in our community and nothing is often done thereafter to the crime scene. Some are aware of the need for thorough cleaning and are not capable and some are capable but do not know how to go about it. Hence, Shreveport Crime Scene Clean-Up (SCSC) is committed to translating their desire and complaints of crime and trauma scene cleaning services into reality.

Suicide Clean-up

We are fully aware of this immutable fact that ‘suicide is on the increase globally’. Therefore we help as a body in cleaning up suicide sites and scenes, thus diminishing the inimical impact of allowing the body of the perpetuator to decay without any proper attention being granted, and in turn prevent the escalation of endemic disease in the community where the suicide occurred.

Hoarding Clean-up

We seek and hoard clean-up services when and where necessary, whether in schools, homes, care-centers and communities where it is needed and are not self-capable through offering of hoarding clean-up services and this is usually done in compliance with the client’s demand.

Meth Laboratory Decontamination

We are deeply involved in Meth Laboratory Decontamination service and are totally committed to explaining why such decontamination should be done when necessary, socially just and acceptable to the society through our personal examination, to be able to avoid ambiguity in evidence when needed for further investigation. In doing this, we give hope and succour to those who need it most.

Tear-gas remediation

We help to remedy site or scene where tear-gas had been used for whatever reason and the residue is still of considerable harmful effect on the occupants of such sites, scene, area or community. However, we are able to achieve this with our team of experts, suitable antidote and equipment. We ensure absolute observation of safety rules and standards, and may help to train other individuals who are interested and willing to engage in tear-gas remediation trainings by paying the required fees for such trainings.

Unattended Death Removal

We are indeed very helpful and good at removing dead bodies that are unattended to, whether at home, school, religious sites, communities or scenes where the dead body has not been identified yet with any family or organization. We know the procedures to adopt, ethical rules to follow, thereafter implications and are legally fortified to cope with all charges that may arise.

Dead Animal Removal

We are all aware that when an animal dies and it is not well buried, it is most likely going to decay and produce fouls smell which may not be too pleasant for human comfort. Therefore, it beckons on Shreveport Crime Scene Clean-Up (SCSC) to do the clean-up professionally, so as to ensure a relatively healthy community where health condition remains safe.

For further inquiries, please get in touch with us through our local number +​318-415-1001.

  • Crime scene clean up
  • Stabbings
  • Shootings
  • Hangings
  • Murders
  • Attempted suicides
  • Animal hoarding
  • Hazmat scenes
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Blood cleanup
  • Natural deaths
  • Unattended deaths
  • Human decomposition
  • Blood and bodily fluids
  • Feces and urine