Homicide Cleanup Services In Shreveport, Louisiana | Shreveport Crime Scene Cleanup

If you are faced with a homicide or suicide that involves a family member or friend, my advice to you is to let a professional crime and suicide cleanup company clean and sanitize the scene in which the incident occurred. Cleaning up after blood and other bodily fluids can be very disturbing for any individual that hasn’t been trained in bio-remediation. When an accident (Suicide or homicide) has happened in a home or business, you must immediately call the police and get ready to call a local funeral home to remove the body.

Shreveport Crime Scene Cleanup cleans and sanitizes all homicide and suicide scenes in Shreveport, Louisiana. Homeowners insurance will pay for homicide and suicide cleanup. We can bill your insurance direct which will leave you a small deductible to pay out of pocket. Sometimes flooring and carpet must be removed because of the bodily fluids that contaminate the area and then it begins to smell as the decomposition sits in. When a body goes undiscovered for days or weeks, the foul odor can be very difficult to absorb as you are trying to remediate the crime scene. Homicide scenes are always different from job to job. Some crime scenes are extremely hard to clean as other homicides can be very simple. Cleaning up a homicide scene with just a roll of paper towels and bleach isn’t going to cut it. It amazes me how most people see the Forensic Files and think this job is simple. There is nothing simple when it comes to removing blood-soaked hardwood floors and carpeting throughout the home or business.

If in need of our services anytime in Shreveport, feel free to call Shreveport Crime Scene Cleanup for fast, friendly, and affordable services in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our cleaning specialists are always ready to help in any bio-hazard situation you may have. We do care! May God Bless:)